Moulding Session: A pose is selected and rehearsal position is done. Then the body part is dipped in moulding material with a creamy consistency and pleasant odour. Once it is set it become like a firm jelly, your hand or foot is slowly eased out of the flexible mould. This process is quick and absolutely painless. It is a fun process for you and your loved ones.

Casting Session: This stage is very crucial and requires thorough knowledge of physical chemical and mechanical properties of the casting material. It involves sound knowledge of mixing process and desired ratio of the material. The strength of final casting is largely dependent on this stage. This stage involves very careful pouring of the casting material and demoulding under correct standards and time.

Detailing & Modifications: This stage involves hours of intricate cleanup and microscopic detailing done with great deal of patience, devotion and compassion. It is also requires lots of concentration and mindfulness. This is very specialize job requiring skilled people.

Finishing & Painting Section of Casting: It implies adding the desired colours and final finish to the casting under magnification. We use high resolution imported paints in multiple layers to give you unmatched flawless finish.

Customized Designing
1. Selection of Box
A. See through Acrylic Boxes:It allows comprehensive view of 3D sculptures from all angles. High class quality of acrylic boxes are used which are high on esthetics and durability. Size of the box is carefully chosen to impart best look to the casting.
B. Wall hanging box Frames: We provide wide range of beautiful attractive shadow box frames in variety of style colours, pattern and sizes bringing exquisiteness, elegance with great artistic value.

2. Customized Metallic Plates:Highly personalized laser engraved brass and steel name plates adding timeless grace and poise with stylish elegance. You can even get expression/quote inscribed on metallic plate in different shapes and sizes for distinctive touch, memorably beautiful as to be unique in their class.

3. Photographs and Graphics: Focus is to create a balance between frame design and esthetics of castings. Customer is asked to provide high resolution latest photograph which will go synonymous with the sculptures. Graphics are incorporated by highly professional designers who create a better appreciation of overall look.

Packaging: It is important to protect the sculptures with right amount of packaging and wrapping. Final finished art works are bubble wrapped and packed in boxes that are tailored to specific needs to ensure safe and secure packaging.